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2015 Kindle PaperWhite Vs Kindle Voyage

The new Kindle PaperWhite is out and the best thing about is that it costs the same as the outgoing model! Even better, there are a lot of upgrades under the hood. From the outside, the new Kindle Paperwhite looks the same as the outgoing model. And it isn’t a bad thing by any means. 

The existing model is also available for purchase for $109 but it isn’t worth the money you are paying. For just $10 more, you are getting a screen with double the resolution and the new model also has twice the RAM.

2015 Kindle PaperWhite Vs Kindle VoyageThe 2015 Kindle Paperwhite Vs Kindle Voyage is what interests us the most. The price difference between them is significant. The Kindle Voyage costs $199 for the Wi-Fi only model whereas the Wi-Fi only Kindle Paperwhite costs just $119. That’s $80 more for the Kindle Voyage and it has very little additional features to justify the price. For quick comparison, here is a table that compares the Kindle E-Book Readers.


The only reason why you would want to get a Kindle Voyage is if you have too much money. The only other difference you will notice is slight difference in weight and slight difference in thickness. If any of those are your top priority, only then get the Kindle Voyage. But for the rest of us, Kindle PaperWhite 2015 is the way to go.