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Bump Sheep crashes in iOS 9 (Fix)

Bump Sheep is one of the most popular offline multiplayer game for both iOS and Android. It is available for all Android phones, tablets, iPhone and iPad. While it works fine in Android, Bump Sheep is known to crash in iOS 9 no matter what. Bump Sheep crashes in iOS 9 both for iPhone and iPad. Even after the iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.0.2 update, Bump Sheep just crashes! Here’s the fix.Bump-Sheep-crashes-in-iOS-9

The simplest thing you can do to fix the issue with “Bump Sheep crashes in iOS 9” is to uninstall and reinstall Bump Sheep again. For me, that didn’t quite work out. While it didn’t work in my iPad Air, it worked perfectly in my iPhone 6 Plus.

For iPad, to solve the issue of Bump Sheep crashes in iOS 9, I had to first uninstall Bump Sheep from my iPad and then restore my iPad using the iTunes. Then after restore, I reinstalled Bump Sheep from the Apple Store. After that, it worked flawlessly.


The main reason why Bump Sheep didn’t work in iOS 9 and simply crashed is the fact that you updated your iPad or the iPhone without restoring it. Hope this trick works and gets Bump Sheep working again! Thanks for reading this post.