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10 Best Cases for Nokia Lumia 520 [Updated]


Nokia may not be around anywhere but it has left us with a gift everyone will appreciate. It’s the Nokia Lumia 520. It is the best-selling Windows Phone and there is a reason for that. Priced extremely competitively, this phone offers high-end experience. Also, unlike low-end Android phones, this phone doesn’t lag and doesn’t have any major flaw.

Should you buy an OtterBox Case?


Phone cases are something that have become a necessity nowadays. With huge phone displays, cases are the top priority accessory phone buyers buy alongside with their phone. There are a lot of phone case manufacturers who provide high quality cases for very less price. OtterBox cases are something different. They are expensive but very solid. Should you buy an OtterBox Case?

Nvidia Shield Tablet Android 5.0 Issues


Nvidia Shield Tablet LTE is among the first phone/tablet to get Android 5.0 Lollipop update. It’s really great to see OEMs update their Android tablet/phone lineup quickly. Nvidia Shield Tablet 5.0 Lollipop update is great but has issues due to which you may want to wait.

Best Camera to buy BlackFriday 2014


Holiday Season is one of the better time to buy gears for your photography needs. BlackFriday 2014 has a lot of deals and offers if you are into photography. Compact Camera System, Point and Shoot, Camera Body and camera lenses can be bought for very less money during BlackFriday. There are many cameras to choose from. 

10 Best Headsets for Gaming


Gaming, today, has reached a whole new level. The graphics and detail of new games are so good that we sometimes assume it to be real. Headsets are recommended accessory which makes gaming much more immersive.

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